Caleb Doss

Caleb Doss had the beginnings of his career choice at 5-years-old when he was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic following a serious illness that caused his immune system to attack his insulin cells. The resulting discipline of regular mealtimes, insulin injections and an eventual insulin pump, and the experiences of Caleb’s living with those disciplines in elementary and high school raised his awareness of the need for assisting devices in medicine.

That has led directly to his decision to become a Biomedical Engineer.
Caleb was graphics production manager for Eagle Manufacturing and has worked for Freddy’s Frozen Custard. He works part-time in workflow optimization at Bill Austin & Associates in Columbus and volunteered at the Brown County Music Center and as a band tutor for sixth grade students.

At BCHS, Caleb was a 4-year band member and in the Jazz Band, the Show Choir Band, and a member of the Robotics Club. He has completed his first year at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis and IU Bloomington where his grades have qualified him for the Dean’s List.